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Mounting is the technique used to secure a photograph to a mount or display board. There are several different methods and materials to choose from when mounting a photograph. We provide following different options for mounting.

Fusion to foam mounting
Your item is permanently attached to foam backing board.

Acid-free Taping
Your item is taped from the back and will hang naturally.

Haiku Hinging
Your item is hinged with acid-free rice paper and hangs naturally - (any wrinkles will be visible) process is completely reversable - (preserves the integrity of the original artwork).

Print Guard
In lieu of glass: *UV Inhibitor clear plastic finish permanently applied to surface of already mounted artwork Choice of textures: Smooth or Textured (has "canvas" appearance).

Mylar Preservation
Ideal for ephemera (newspapers, comic books, etc.) collectibles. Your item is placed within an acid-free, *uv inhibiting mylar envelope, then hand vacuum sealed - completely reversable process.

Canvas Stretching
Your rolled canvas is stretched and fastened to stretcher bars then framed with a standard of floater frame.

Your needlepoint is stretched around a coated fiber board and fastened through the non-stitched border area.

Shadow Box
When your artwork is multi-dimensional - (coins, cards, 3d collectibles, etc.) and requires additional depth. Almost any frame chosen is built out from the back as needed. Items are secured by wire, adhesive, or shelving.

Your item is acid-free hinged mounted with natural edges of artwork exposed.

Fabric Stitching
Your material is meticulously hand sewn to a backing board - completely reversable.


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