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Sample Work

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Below is just a small sampling of what 4th floor framing is capeable of !! Bring us your posters, photos, family snapshots and whatever else you need to hang up on your wall, and we’ll frame it - right and reasonable.

Learn how the 3D pictures are made?

3D Comic Detail Batman

Close up of matted and framed one-of-a-kind 3D comic cover. Incorporate custom backgrounds and personal photos for a gift with a personal touch.

3D Comic Superman vs. Wonder Woman

Matted and framed one-of-a-kind 3D comic cover with custom hand-cut mat background and stars and stripe frame.

3D Movie - Goonies

Matted and framed one-of-a-kind 3D movie mini-poster with pics from the film surrounding it bordered by a torched mat for the authentic treasure hunt feel.

Comic – Matted – Bad Girls Collage

Custom matted collage of clippings from "bad girl" comics. Present your favorite photos and clippings in collage form.

Photo framed with museum glass

Mounted and framed photo with museum glass (with UV and clear reflection control coating)

Acorn Street, Boston, MA.

Movie – Actres – Neve Campbell

Got Milk Poster

Neve Campbell's got milk !!

Maze – Music - Queen

Custom one-of-a-kind hand drawn in marker and pencil workable maze. Approx 22" x 32". (80) different originals available. Available as a complete set only.

Movie – Evil Dear 2 Collage

Custom matted and framed collage from Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness pics. Multi-layered and raised for a "3D" effect.

Music – Pink Floyd - The Wall Collage

Custom matted and framed collage of pics from Pink Floyd's movie The Wall with hand-drawn "bricks" on multi-layered mats.


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